The Summer School

St Petersburg  Repin Academy of Fine Arts (St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts) is announcing a new program — The Summer School.
It will be run directly at the premises of the Repin Institute, in the workshops of well known professors of the Academy.

Program Description 
/See also the "Schedule" section for a detailed description and hours./
  • The program duration is 4 weeks:
    - June Session (3 - 28 June 2024), or
    - July Session (1-26 July 2024)
  • 5 academic hours a day, 5 times a week;
  • Total amount of hours: 90 hours
  • Total amount of students in a group: minimum 14, maximum 18.
At this time one group is recruiting English speaking students, another group is set up for Russian graduate students (Advanced Training Program). A third group is intended for international students who speak Chinese (interpreter is provided as well).
The program is concentrated on studying classical drawing and painting. The program and its time frame are offered exactly the way as it was traditionally taught at the Academy:
  • 10.00 am - 11.45 am – Drawing
  • 12.15 pm - 3.00 pm – Painting
Materials, techniques, class duration
  1. Portrait Drawing – paper, pencil, 50x40 sm = 14 hours
  2. Nude Figure Drawing – paper, pencil, 60x40 sm = 22 hours
  3. Portrait Painting – oil, canvas, 50x40 sm = 21 hours
  4. Nude Figure Painting – oil, canvas, 60x45 sm = 33 hours


By the end of the program you'll receive an official certificate about your completion of the program, stamped and signed by the Academy Board and a provost. The total amount of credits will be listed there, as well as description and duration of disciplines you've been taking and completed.
The certificate is acceptable by most art institutions worldwide as the Academy is an accredited institution by the Russian Ministry of Education.
Please be aware that a certificate is issued only by the fact of a successful completion of the program. On the last day of the program there will be an Evaluation by the Academy Board that will be reviewing all your work completed within the program. 
If you don't need a certificate, please still make sure you follow up with the studying process.

4 week program (90 hours) = 150 000 rubles'.
- 90 hours of studying with one of the best professors of the Academy
- model fee

- interpreter
- easels
- 5 guided tours: the Academy, the Russian Art Museum, the Hermitage, The Scientific library, Mosaic workshop
- official invitation for your entrance visa
- a certificate of completion
Not included: transportation, food and accommodations. 
The payment is made after the signing of the contract on the first week of classes.
Faculty and Staff
The director of the program is Mr. Vladimir Mogilevtsev, a leading professor of the Academy. In 2011 he was awarded by the Academy with Gold and Silver medals for his teaching achievements and for his teaching aids "Fundamentals of Drawing" and "Academic Drawings and Sketches." Prof. V.A. Mogilevtsev is also an author of a new teaching aid "Fundamentals of Painting".
Only the best professors of the Academy faculty will be teaching this program. The course is very intensive, so we make sure only those who're very knowledgeable and highly experienced will be responsible to handle this task. Interpreter as well as models will be provided, their fees are included in total cost.
For all kind of administrative questions, program preparation and organizational issues please send your inquiries to


Your managers will be helping you with your accommodations. We will make sure you have a good place for your staying here. There are several options nearby the Academy: appartment rentals, hotels, hostels. The Academy is located about one mile from the Hermitage as well as from the main artery of the city, the Nevsky Prospect.
How to apply
  1. Submit your portfolio (please do not archive files) to or by submitting it via Application;
  2. Wait for our letter. If you're accepted you'll receive a confirmation letter. If not, we'll advise either to send more samples or to work further on your portfolio;
  3. Submit your Application (if you didn't do this already in the 1st step);
  4. Send your passport copy to the same e-mail address.
Application deadline
  • For June Session - until the end of March;
  • For July Session - until the end of April
Portfolio Requirements
You won't have to study Russian as the program will be run with an interpreter, but please make sure your art skills are acceptable to be able to catch up with such an intensive course.
  1. Send your portfolio to or provide a link within your Application.
  2. Your portfolio must be in JPEG or PDF format.
Your portfolio must present 6-10 good quality samples of the following:
  • Portrait drawing
  • Figure (nude) drawing
  • Portrait painting
  • Figure (nude) painting
  • Cast drawing
  • Still-life drawing
  • Landscape painting
The following media and materials are accepted for your portfolio:
Drawingspencil, paper
Paintingsoil, canvas

No digital work of any kind. 

No works made from photos (absolutely "no" for the Academy). 
No fantasy, 3D, etc. 

Only classical, academic samples of real objects and real people.

For any questions or inquiries please write to