The Academy building is located on Vasilievsky Island, in the very center of Saint Petersburg. It is placed in beautiful surroundings. Only within one mile from the Academy you can find the most famous places of the city: the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, St.Isaac's Cathedral, the Summer Gardens and many other points of interest that you might like to visit.
The island where the Academy is located was the very first settlement founded by Peter the Great. Since then it became the most prestigious district of new capital and a center for Russian art, culture, education, science and everything related to the new Russian Empire.

By car: driving from the city center take Dvortsovy Bridge, turn left and drive along the University Embankment about half a mile, the Academy will be on your right, next to Rumiantsevsky Gardens (the main entrance is facing the embankment).
Parking: available on 3rd Line or 4th Line along the Academy building.
Public transport: take any transport that goes to Vasilievsky Island along the University Embankment. The bus (or trolley) stop will be on Kadetskaya Liniya, across Rumiantsevsky Gardens. Walk along the embankment to reach the Academy.
Darya Gorenko
phone: +7 (921) 409 5877
Repin Art Institute / Summer School
17 University Embankment
St. Petersburg 199034
+7 (921) 409 5877  
(all international calls dial: 007 (921) 409 5877)

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