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We decided to accumulate the most popular questions related to studying at the Summer School right on this page.
Again, please feel free to post your comments and questions right here.
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  • Q. Is there a campus available at the Academy premises where I can stay while studying?
  • A. There is a campus but it's available only for full-time students.
    You can choose many options available nearby the Academy: mini-hotels, hostels, apartment rentals. Just let your manager know your preferences and we'll be able to help you. You might also check popular tour portals such as booking.comTripadvisor.com, Travelocity.com and others as they might offer good packages including your airfare, hotel and some meals. Also, in Russia most hotels offer a complete breakfast free of charge.
Art Supplies
  • Q.  Do I have to bring my own art supplies? Is there anything the Academy provides?
  • A.   The Academy provides easels for each Summer School student,  free of charge.
    Don't bring any art supplies. There are plenty of art supplies available in kiosks directly at the Academy, and there are at least 3 art stores within 500 meters of the Academy.

    Their prices are good, besides you'll be able to purchase very popular products manufactured in Russia – famous Leningrad Watercolors and Sauce Chalks.

  • Q.  What kind of prices for food? Is there a cafe at the Academy premises?
  • A.  Average prices are lower than in Europe. There are plenty of food stores nearby. Besides, there is a food market on the other side of the Academy, which is very popular. In June and July they offer fresh produce grown in the region (poultry, fruits and vegetables, fresh dairy products, etc). It is strictly controlled by the Market administration, so it's safe to buy.
    The Academy has a nice cafe. It offers salads, juices, soups, hot meals of all kind. The menu usually includes a variety of everything. Prices are quite modest. A complete dinner is usually priced at 150.00 rubles. There are also several cafes nearby where you can buy a business lunch for 200.00 rubles (usually until 4.00pm).

  • Q.  The requirement for portfolio works is quite strict: only pencil and paper, oil and canvas. Do you accept any other media and materials?
  • A.  The point of listing the requirements is to explain an average level that you need to present. Send whatever you have available at this time. If there is anything else that needs to be sent in addition – we'll let you know. What we pay the most attention to is your ability to draw, understanding anatomy; we also need to see at least a couple of your paintings. 
    This program is not for beginners but we recommend to not hesitate and send your portfolio first. People are different, often those who think they're not good show better portfolio than those who're too much certain in their abilities. ;)

Life at the Academy
  • Q.  I'll be here during June session. What happens at the Academy during summer time? Will I be able to meet other full-time students, professors, to see any exhibitions while studying there?
  • A.  June and half of July is one of the busiest time of the year at the Academy. All students and professors are at the Academy until at least the middle of July. Here is an approximate schedule for the year 2012:
    - Diploma Defense: June 18-28
    - Entrance Exams: July 6-17To those who's interested in meeting Prep Courses students:
    International Prep Courses students will be here until at least the middle of June. Then the group will be separated: students who'll be leaving for home will have another two weeks of classes, another part of the group will be preparing all the necessary paperwork for their entrance exams. So those who'll be taking exams will be here until at least the middle of July and will know the result of exams during July 27-28.

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